Worst Day Ever!

Think of the worst day till date. Or think of all those worst days. You thought this is it! It can’t get worse and you probably wanted to run away or end things. But you got through them right? For me it was the day I failed. Oh no wait! It’s days. I’ve failed more […]

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Those who love you…

Those who you wish loved you and those who actually love you. Learn to differentiate between these people else you will be toxic for your own life. Live for those who love you and forget about those who you wish loved you…The later ones were never meant to be in your space. But learn to […]

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You’re a philosopher too!

Everyone has a story and every person is a philosopher. One who is ready to gain knowledge can gain some from a President or an old beggar, person doesn’t matter. Each has the capacity to give you some life lessons. It’s upto you what and how much to soak in.

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Hitting the rock bottom

If you feel you’ve hit rock bottom, then it’s good actually. Because now the worst is over and all you can do is rise from there. Basically, the worst is also good only if you learn to take it positively. Not a long post…just leaving you with a thought… Buh bye…😉

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Feed the soul❤

Oh my god! You workaholic people! Give yourself a break! Sit back and chill, waste an entire day with your family/friends, treat yourself with something and the most important thing while you do any of this is that you should actually have fun while doing it. Stop working all the time or thinking about work […]

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If by Rudyard Kipling

Hey is there a motivation playlist you have? Well I have one and don’t judge but I need it. Because when I’m tired of months and months of studies and waiting for the exams to take place I just can’t study. I can’t. And for my course loosing the habit to study can be really […]

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Is a calculator allowed?

Alrighty peeps! What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? I’m sure most of you don’t even like talking about it 😣. Yet your friends will always bring it up saying “remember when…” at the wrong timing. Well, I too have a story. And trust me it’s a hilarious one! I have never […]

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